Tenant Selection

We run a ‘no surprises’ operation – below is a general guideline to our operational services.

Ensuring that:

  • All tenants are screened
  • References are checked
  • All required paperwork is completed and lodged with the relevant authorities
  • Credit checks are OK – checks are conducted through a specialized credit agency
  • Tenants sign a Tenancy Agreement to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986

Rent Collection:

  • Rent which is collected in advance
  • Establishment of automatic payment facilities
  • Ensuring regular rental payments are received
  • Initiating remedial action with the Tenancy Tribunal should the need arise

Property Inspection:

  • An initial inspection to provide a detailed inventory of the property – photographs available if required
  • An inspection one week after letting the property, to follow-up on potential outstanding issues
  • Three further inspections per year, each giving you an inspection report, an in-depth management report and projected maintenance schedule (on average a minimum of 4 inspections per year)
  • The option of additional inspections on request
  • Landlords are provided with a written inspection report each time

General Management Services:

  • Marketing & Advertising of Properties
  • Bond collection and lodgement with Tenancy Services
  • Providing detailed monthly financial statements
  • Arranging for minor repairs & maintenance subject to your pre-approved limit
  • Arranging for quotes to be presented for repairs above this limit
  • Ensuring that disbursements to landlords are done bi-monthly and directly credited to their nominated bank account

Our Fees:

  • A Management fee of 8.0% of the weekly rent
  • A fee of 8.0% of any on-charged incidental costs like repairs and maintenance
  • All costs incur GST at a rate of 15%
  • A bulk discount for multiple properties is negotiable

Additional Optional Management Services:

  • Additional inspections at $75 (plus GST) per inspection
  • Rent Appraisals at $30 (plus GST) per appraisal
  • Other costs by negotiation, normally time-based at $60 (plus GST) per hour

Other Benefits:

  • Clients are provided with itemised monthly statements
  • Annual statements summarising earnings for ease of tax preparations
  • Regular rent reviews, to ensure your rental returns are maximised